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Are You Finding It Difficult To Perform Yoga Poses - Struggling With Flexibility, Mobility Issues & Pain?

Or Are You Feeling Bored With Your Current Practice & Lacking Enjoyment?

Dateline: JAN 2023, Seminyak - Bali​

Hey, this is Paul at Gravotonics.

Let’s get real for a minute. Not everyone is a trim and toned, super flexible Yogi like we see every time we open our Insta app!

Many of us struggle with some mobility issue or another, and this may even have been the motivation for beginning your yoga journey in the first place.

But contrary to popular belief, its quite difficult to perform most yoga asana and can be DANGEROUS jumping in head first, particularly without the proper alignment and support.

The last thing you want is to injure yourself while focusing on improving your health!

Slow & Painful Progress

This lack of ease is likely causing you to progress slower than you’d like leaving you feeling dejected, bored and frustrated — ready to throw in the towel!

Lack of strength and flexibility hinders your ability to do many of the poses that you see at the studio or on social media, especially if you’re in pain.

Props such as blocks, straps, bolsters, and a yoga wheel are all beneficial and each have their strengths when it comes to assisting you, but can just end up being a lot of clutter, disturbing your peaceful sanctuary..

Become An Aerial Yoga Aficionado 🧘🏻‍♀️

Although Aerial Yoga has evolved into it’s own unique and exciting practice, it’s roots are firmly set in using the aerial hammock and yoga swing for correct alignment – so you can gain the full benefits of each of the physical postures.

With the Yoga Swing, you will find moving through your traditional mat based yoga flow a breeze as you are safely supported to go deeper into your practice.

The pain that you feel getting into certain positions will be lessened or even altogether gone and the risk of overstretch and injury is minimized.

You’ll feel so much more comfortable and confident knowing that you can rely on your yoga swing for support.

We know that yoga is not just about progressing faster, going deeper into poses and being perfect. But, with the help of the Gravotonics Yoga Swing, all these things are possible!

Achieve Your Limitless
Yoga Pose Potential!

Get ready to have an intoxicating aerial yoga experience that will revolutionize your yoga asana & lift you to new heights within your practice.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels from experienced yogis to complete novices..

Gravotonics Yoga Swings & Aerial Hammocks are unmatched in QUALITY, SAFETY & VERSATILITY.

It isn’t just any old hammock –
It’s the ULTIMATE YOGA PROP and best of all… FUN!!

How Can A Yoga Swing Help Me?

The yoga swing is amazing with its effectiveness in improving both your mind & body. It can help you:

  • Enjoy your time on the mat with less pain & more progress
  • Awaken your inner body awareness & deepen your practice
  • Open your solar plexus/heart chakra & unlock your hips etc
  • Allow you to focus on your breath while you hold each pose
  • Relieve back pain through spinal traction – Inversion Therapy
  • Assist with improving your posture and injury recovery
  • Correcting your body alignment during yoga asana
  • Release daily mental stress & physical tension
  • Build strength and increase flexibility safely!


The Original & Best Gravotonics Yoga Swing
–Trusted by the biggest fitness brands, professional yoga studios & yogis at home all around the world!

Beautifully handcrafted in Bali using durable, triple stitched nylon (rip-stop) parachute material & high-strength fittings.

High quality foam padded handles at varying lengths for maneuverability & a spacious hammock for comfort.

Extremely lightweight & portable – Quick assembly, can be taken & hung almost anywhere + Easy Maintenance!

The perfect prop for traditional yoga alignment & Aerial Yoga! –Inversion therapy & Suspension training.

Designed with versatility in mind, this adjustable & comfortable
Aerial Fitness equipment is still the BEST Yoga Swing on the market!

Indonesian Design & Safety Certification

Gravotonics is the original & only legal manufacturer of Yoga Swings in Indonesia, commencing in 2003.

Our Indonesian Design Certificate ensures the highest quality & safety standards – tried and tested for twenty years.

Novelty – Utility – Ingenuity.

Gravotonics offer a 10 Year Warranty on faulty work and/or materials.

However, we have never had one yoga swing returned due to fault in all our years – this is something we are very proud of.

We’ve literally been supplying our aerial equipment to the biggest and best yoga studios and fitness gyms around the world for two decades with unmatched quality and dedication to our customers.

We’ve also been featured in respected publications, and have a large online community. We stand by our track record and will never compromise!

Beware Of Mass-Produced
Aerial Hammocks & Yoga Swings

When you purchase alternatives you are often choosing to support some shady ethics, as most of our competitors simply source mass produced yoga swings from China.

(Including top selling brands listed on Amazon!)

Think about that for a moment; is that an ethical means of cutting costs? China is one of worst offenders in the labor market and also the biggest polluter.

If you buy mass-produced yoga swings from China, you are turning a blind eye; it’s that simple.

Not only this, but we generally see inferior materials like low quality nylon fabric and flimsy carabiners – along with poor manufacturing such as loose threads and raw seam edges.

Stay away from the “cheapo” ones and also don’t fall for the slick marketing of the expensive ones!

The Gravotonics Legacy!

We know that our customers are conscientious, caring people, that’s why they choose our products which have been handmade in our Bali workshop for the past 20 years by loyal and passionate craftsmen.

Authentic & Ethical – we support fair trade ideals and form bonds with all of our workers, suppliers, courier/freight companies and distributors to build win-win relationships.

Our products are a clear example of quality. The fabric is selectively hand picked so as to adhere to our promise of comfort, durability and premium finish, with all seams triple stitched with the best quality threading.

We’re passionate about the environment and do everything possible to limit our carbon footprint. Our aerial hammocks and yoga swings are recyclable.

Plus we donate 5% of our profit to assist community groups in Bali to clean up the plastic pollution.

Don’t let the fate of your yoga & wellness journey “hang” on substandard foundations by compromising your values and especially not your safety..

The best quality at an affordable price – Choose Gravotonics NOW!



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