Yoga Swing & Aerial Hammock Size Guide

(REG: 1.5M W x 2.5M L) || (LRG: 2M W x 3.2M L)

You will find more measurements in the Additional Resources tab on the product pages.

For guidance on which size is appropriate, the regular size (1.5m W x 2.5m L) is appropriate for most size and weight. It would be still well usable and comfortable even for someone of 6ft or so.

(You can always add extra length to the regular size by just using daisy chains, however the hooks can dig into the body in some cases.)

The larger size (2m W x 3.2m L) is great if you prefer the extra length due to the style of aerial yoga you are familiar with. Or if you want to be completely immersed when doing cocoon / suspended Savasana!

However if you really want to be sure that it will be big enough, the best idea is to purchase the larger size, because many people of all sizes really enjoy the larger size hammock.

We hope this helps and does not confuse the situation!

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