The Original, Handmade Aerial Yoga Swing By Gravotonics

Yoga Swing Production

In a sea of mass-produced yoga swings, Gravotonics strives to stand out. In 2003 we became Bali’s original purveyor of handmade aerial yoga swings and aerial hammocks.

Since then, we have kept our standards high and our commitment to quality intact.

All Gravotonics Yoga Swings are handmade locally in our family-run workshop based in Bali, Indonesia.

Our dedicated, skilled team of professionals has been with us since the beginning.

Loyal, honest, and caring…

Gravotonics will always be that brand.

Deepen Your Practice With A Gravotonics Yoga Swing

We don’t exaggerate when we tell you the many benefits of exploring swing yoga with our yoga swings.

Gravotonics Yoga Swings make finding relief from pain and rigidity fun. 80 percent of the world experiences some form of back pain. Inversion therapy with a yoga swing can help.

Our yoga swings are amazing because they help to:

  • Awaken body awareness and improve alignment
  • Release stress and tension
  • Help deepen your yoga practice by building strength and flexibility
  • Relieve pain
  • Support rehabilitation programs such as inversion therapy
  • Facilitate an endless range of yoga swing poses

What’s better, Gravotonics Yoga Swings are portable and suitable for all ages and fitness levels, from sports professionals to beginner yogis.

Don’t wait to revolutionize the way you address pain management, stress relief, and fitness from the comfort of your own home.

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The Importance Of Purchasing The Best Yoga Swing

It’s no secret that yoga has become a big business.

While there are many yoga equipment brands on the market, finding one that is ethical, honest, and quality assured can be a challenge.

With so many yoga swings on offer, you must consider the critical issues of safety and standards when making a decision. A device that literally suspends you in the air is not a purchase you want to pinch pennies.

At Gravotonics, your safety is our priority. If you’re overwhelmed with options, we make your decision simple. Our dedication to the quality construction and stability of our products is unrivaled in the industry.


Safety is the number one rule when purchasing sports equipment.

When hanging upside down from any height, you want to be confident that your risk of injury is low.

Before you buy that $30 yoga swing, ask yourself, ‘do I want to be hanging from a cheap swing/hook?’

A Gravotonics yoga swing is a life-long investment. Our commitment to making the best swing possible ensures your durable yoga swing will withstand wear and tear.

Journey Of A Yoga Swing | Production Process

The Finest Fabrics

Gravotonics Yoga Swings are made from the highest standard of materials available. First, we use the finest 100% nylon parachute fabric and customize all of our 6mm stainless steel hooks.

Careful Construction

All seams are triple stitched with the best quality thread, plastic tubing is ground to remove the rough edges, and the foam is rounded off for neatness.

The adjustment straps are again triple stitched at 15cm intervals for more accurate height adjustment. Our swings and straps are also super strong and will easily hold 200kgs (440+ lbs). All this is done by hand in our workshop.

Thoroughly Inspected

The Gravotonics Aerial Yoga Swings are finished to superior standards, and each one is subject to a rigorous quality control inspection before we approve it.

Yoga Swing Fittings

Ethical and Sustainable | The Gravotonics Difference

We know that our customers are conscientious, caring people. When you purchase a cheaper alternative, you are choosing to support some shady ethics.

Most of our competitors mass produce their swings in China. Think about that for a moment; is that an ethical means of cutting costs? China is one of the most immense industrial powers in the world.

It’s also the biggest polluter.

Our world is paying a heavy price for China’s reliance on fossil-fuel-drenched manufacturing and toxic industrial emissions. Today hundreds of millions of Chinese inhabitants are suffering from illnesses as a direct result of drinking contaminated water.

If you buy mass-produced yoga swings from China, you are turning a blind eye; it’s that simple.

Giving Back

We channel 5% of our profit every year to community groups in Bali that help clean up the environment. We’re passionate about recycling and do everything possible to limit our carbon footprint.

Our yoga swings are produced ethically and conscientiously. We support fair trade and form bonds with all of our workers, compensating them well.

Forget The Rest, Swing With The Best Today

A cheaply-made yoga swing will not perform as well or be as versatile, with flaws such as:

Hand Wash Only

It is far more practical to have a machine-washable product like the Gravotonics Yoga Swing. Exercise equipment is meant to be perspired on and soil.

The foam type inserts used in some swings are not removable, making them only hand washable. What’s worse is after many washes, it will bunch up.

Too Heavy and Cumbersome

Swings with all the attachments and extras sacrifice the product’s portability. Many clients want to carry it with them to use in the park. Other yoga swings are far too large and weighty for easy transport.

Unnecessary Hardware

Each of the handles on some yoga swings come on separate carabiners. Why? These unnecessary additional pieces of hardware make the yoga swing difficult and more time consuming to set up. Not to mention, heavier.

Gravotonics Yoga Swings come with handles that can be put on one carabiner or hook, making installation a breeze.

Cheap Fabric

Our competitors claim they are using better, more breathable fabric, but the Taslon fabric and regular Parachute Fabric are both 100% nylon. The benefit of the parachute fabric is that it is lighter in weight and with more rigidity to give you a solid foundation for your asana and resistance training.

Not only this, our foam padded grips are nice and thick to give you the comfort during a long yoga session, as there is nothing worse than flimsy plastic or thin foam.

Many of our customers have had their swings for years and years, which attests to the fact that the materials we use is robust, lightweight, and durable.

Gravotonics Yoga Swing Features

Invest In The Best Yoga Swing Available

Make the right choice. Choose to support a brand that cares about its customers, products, and the world. Gravotonics makes picking an ethically-made, long-lasting yoga swing simple.
Order yours today!

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Yoga Swing FAQ

Q. What is a yoga swing?
A. A yoga swing is a versatile aerial swing, comprising of the hammock base and includes a set of handles on either side, each with 3 soft grips that allow you perform yoga postures suspended in mid air, and can also be used for various strengthening techniques.

Q. What is the best yoga swing?
A. There are quite a few varieties of Yoga Swing on the market, each suiting different needs and preferences. Best thing to do is find one that has been hand-made from high quality parachute nylon and heavy duty fittings and avoid cheap, mass produced swings which may be a risk to your safety.

Q. Are yoga swings safe?
A. Yes, a well made Yoga Swing is extremely safe to use as long as you have installed the ceiling brackets correctly. Check your daisy chains and fittings regularly for excess wear. Before you use a yoga swing make sure you have no contraindications.

Q. How much is a yoga swing?
A. Decent Yoga Swings generally range from $49 through to the safer, higher quality swings at around $79. Some popular brands can cost as much as $135. You want to find one that is hand-made from the highest quality materials – that offer the best value.

Q. How do you hang a yoga swing from the ceiling?
A. Yoga swings usually come ready to hang if you have ceiling hooks already installed. Simply attach the sling and handles onto your daisy chains and get swinging! For a walk-through on mounting the brackets, see our Yoga Swing Installation overview on our website.